Once and for all we are going to stop saying commit or committed suicide. Join us in the #stopsayingcommit campaign.

This is a social media campaign and I am asking you to Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and text #stopsayingcommit

Share this with all media outlets, friends, family, co-workers, your favorite celebrities, …everyone. Together we will break the stigma and change the language.

Take pictures with the tag line #stopsayingcommit and share it, share it, share it.

If you volunteer, work or are associated with an organization in any way…include what you do in your picture. First responders, I want to see ambulances, police cars and fire trucks in your pictures with #stopsayingcommit. I want your office pictures. I want sports teams standing up to say #stopsayingcommit. I want you to say #stopsayingcommit LOUD AND CLEAR.

Where ever you are in the world, start your own #stopsayingcommit campaign.

Comment and post your pictures below and share your links with us.

Together, we will once and for always #stopsayingcommit.

Much love,

My selfie #stopsayingcommit

My selfie #stopsayingcommit

2 thoughts on “Join the #stopsayingcommit Campaign

  1. Language does matter and can be so hurtful to those who have lost a loved one to suicide!! I join with you in saying let’s stop the stigma….#stopsayingcommit

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