Want to help break the stigma of suicide in your community? Here’s how.

Donate. All contributions are greatly appreciated. Monies will go directly to reversing the stigma and towards creating a forum of dialogue through the publication of the book as well as gallery exhibitions.

Buy Susan Aglukark’s ‘Take A Little Less’. All proceeds from ‘Take A Little Less’ will go to the Collateral Damage Project. Click here to go to iTunes.

Volunteer. We will be recruiting volunteers to help out with community events. We are also looking for various professional volunteers including fundraising, administrative and networking. Please let us know what skills or services you have to offer and I’m sure that we can put them to good use. Email us at volunteer@leftbehindbysuicide.org

Organize a Community Event or Fundraiser. Whether it’s a walk, golf tournament or concert, every community event raises the awareness and gets people talking about suicide.

Buy a Collateral Damage T-shirt. Encourage your family and friends to do so as well.