Looking Back, Looking Forward

When we started this project over 12 years ago, Scott simply wanted to tell his story in the hopes it would get others talking too, and start breaking the stigma around suicide and mental health.

He did that, and so much more. We had no idea the ways in which the project would grow and evolve. We had no idea how much support we would find from all corners of the country, and that we would be able to provide support in turn. We never know how deeply we would connect with people, and we'll never truly know the depth of the impact this project has had in the lives of individuals, or on the perspectives of communities and institutions across Canada.

Much has changed in the last decade. The stigma has been dented, and all levels of Canadian society are speaking more openly and honestly about mental health and suicide. We'd like to think we played a part in that change, and for that opportunity we are deeply grateful.

Now, the Collateral Damage Project will evolve again. We're not exactly sure what's to come, but we know there's more to do. So stay tuned, and keep talking.

Scott Chisholm