Scott Chisholm, founder of the Collateral Damage Project, is available to come to your community and speak about the need for openness about suicide – how it can help break the stigma, how it makes things better, and how it can actually save lives. Scott shares his story of losing his father to suicide, talks about how the Collateral Damage Project began and engages his audience in the experience of hundreds of people sharing their of stories with the project. Scott’s presentation will change the way you look at suicide and will engage each and every person in suicide prevention.

“The second year class just had the session on suicide prevention and preparedness. The session was perhaps one of the most applicable and useful coordination sessions I have had in my time at NOSM.” Laura Williams, Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

“What an inspiring presentation – truly well done! As a class, we are all interested in learning more. We are going to propose additional training and discussion as part of our curriculum requirements.” Katie Gibson, Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

“I gave my friend the collateral damage website that night. She was excited about more info to give to patients, if this situation arised again. It is exactly what you said, all we have to do is start talking about it.
Thank you again for an amazing presentation and sharing your story.” Megan Eves, Thunder Bay Dental Hygienists Society.

“I wanted to thank you for shedding light on the subject of suicide and for demonstrating to us what it means to be so passionate about ‘change’.” Laurie, Laurentian University Social Work.

“Thank you for shedding light on this subject, and I really hope NOSM follows through with incorporating Suicide Prevention Training into our education.” Patricia Lyle, Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

“Thanks to everyone who made this (SafeTALK training) happen and especially to Scott for igniting a flame within myself and my peers; a flame which will only continue to grow and get bigger.” Ali Klazinha, Laurentian University School of Education.

“Words will not suffice to properly Thank You for your courage and humility in erasing the stigma of “suicide”. You are a light in the darkness.” Sheri Ozbolt, Teacher, St. Patrick High School Thunder Bay.

Feel free to contact Scott about coming to speak to your university, college, community group, organization, or business about the need for healthy dialogue:
(807) 768-5217