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  1. Congratulations on your award. Arnold made a huge impression on me in the mid 70s. He cared about people and I am pleased that an award was created to remember a great man. He was a good friend and I cherish my memories of the times we spent together. He spoke to me of the work he was doing in Northern Ontario and the importance of it cannot be overstated! He took on a huge challenge and was taken from us far to soon. We would have greatly benefited from a few more decades of his knowledge and research in the area of suicide prevention and survivor counselling.

  2. Hi Scott! My family and I were at your presentation in Marathon on April 7th. I wanted to let you know that the high school parent council here is pushing to have all the staff at the school trained in SafeTalk. We are trying to set it up before the end of this school year and then will be a yearly “recertification” as part of a PD day. We are also looking at being able to offer it to all the students. Before hearing you speak, we as a council, had already taken steps to secure a mental health worker to be onsite at the school. We are very aware of the situation that our kids are facing.
    You mentioned in your talk that having a recognizable public figure representing the cause can be more effective at creating awareness. Rick Mercer is going to be in Thunder Bay next week I believe. Had you considered approaching him about supporting you? He has done “rants” on suicide and issues that teens are facing. And he is definitely recognizable! It was just a thought.
    Thank for you the work you do. Your talk here was just the boost we needed to push forward with our goals to make our kids happier and safer.
    Jennifer (Samec) Bott

  3. I just became involved with the Collateral Damage Project by performing at a fundraiser here in Thunder Bay last night. I am interested in sharing my story wit hthe project as like Scott, I lost my father to suicide in April 1995.

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