Michael was the eldest of our four sons. He died on August 1, 1998 at the age of 37 years by suicide.
At his funeral and Memorial services he was remembered with great respect by business colleagues, friends, family and lovingly by a nephew and niece. During the memorial service the subject of suicide was openly addressed which was very helpful in conversation at the reception and for us afterward. Since then we have always talked with those facing a similar tragedy, to share and encourage. When our grandchildren have introduced the subject we have spoken with them.
As Michael’s mother I have struggled with thoughts of what I did or did not do that might have made a difference in his life for a happier outcome. As time has passed I have taught myself to lock my negative thoughts away at the back of my mind but they can be triggered again by certain reminders or conversations.
The legacy of Michael’s life is that we still have with us his beloved Dalmatian, Frankie, now aged 14.
Helen Sweett
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Helen Sweett, Halifax Nova Scotia

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  1. Hi Helen, I was really drawn to your story, and know that your words will help someone who has shared the same experience. A very enlightening story.
    Blessings to you and your family.

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