My name is Veronica and I just turned 30 on the 28th of February. I am not very old by far but I cannot help but feel very aged at times due to all of the grief I have experienced in my life. I have lost 2 brothers and one step-brother to suicide. One within this last year. Gerry was my brother and best friend.

I am a mental health worker who specializes in suicide prevention, intervention and postvention and a Suicide ASIST and SafeTALK Instructor and would love to share my story and how I have grown from these deaths.

Veronica Bernard
Chapel Island First Nation

Photographers note
I photographed Veronica while I was in Halifax and I look forward to visiting Chapel Island First nation to photograph at her home.

Veronica Bernard, Chapel Island First Nation

One thought on “Halifa Exhibition; Veronica Bernard

  1. My dearest friend Scott…
    Although it has been some time since we have spoken, I would just like to say that I think of your work on an every other week basis. It is very heart-warming *the amount of dedication you put into the work.
    Please contact me soon … I would like to hear from you to talk furthermore on this issue and update you on some developments on my end and would love to hear more of yours.

    Talk to you soon

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