I recently received an impassioned invitation (via email) to visit the communities of Fort Albany, Kashechewan and Attawapiskat. This is a stark reminder for me and hopefully others that creating a proactive dialogue on suicide is critical to finding the starting point for suicide awareness and prevention.

Dear Scott,   

I would like to invite you to come to my city Timmins, Ontario and our Reserves also-that is -Fort Albany, Kashechewan & Attawapiskat Ontario. For there is much concern & loss of our young ones:( Teens committing Suicide not even turning 18. Most at their early years-13-17 years old! I believe with help & talks to these youths that they might open up-share and learn to Trust.. Most of them feel alone,afraid neglected..feelings of No Love from their own parents or friends…… some bullied and no one to rely on .. This breaks my heart, that some or mostly think they are not loved or worth it 🙁 I lost a was-to-be-son-in law to suicide 6 months ago. My daughter couldn’t believe it -It was a huge shock to us as he promised he would come home that day. Alcohol and drugs are also a role play in suicide. I cannot stress this enough this is VERY Important To Me and our Reserves. Im hoping that Collateral Damage can come to us & help us realize and understand this tragic style our youth decide to do/end their lives this way. So PLEASE Scott & Collateral Damage- come to us and help us out!!! We need this support and understaing … I invite you to come & do what you guys do the best 🙂 Helping, loving and listening to our pains as we lost loved ones to Suicide. 

Hoping to get a great response that you will come, thank you.

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