At 1:30pm (EST) today you can watch the debate on a bill tabled by Harold Albrecht in the House of Commons that, if passed, will compel the Government to develop a federal framework for suicide prevention.

“Each year, well over three thousand Canadians commit suicide. That is not a tragedy — that is well over three thousand tragedies each year. Many of these tragedies are preventable.”
The Bill is titled An Act respecting a Federal Framework for Suicide Prevention and would require the Government to, among other things,
provide guidelines for suicide prevention,
promote collaboration and knowledge exchange among different jurisdictions,
promote the use of research and evidence-based practices in suicide prevention, and
define best practices for the prevention of suicide.
“This is about sharing information to save lives,” said Albrecht. “From teachers to healthcare workers to community groups, there’s a lot of great work being done in communities across this country — but with some Federal coordination and leadership, we can do better for vulnerable Canadians.”
In the 40th Parliament, Albrecht introduced M388, a motion calling on the Government to amend the criminal code to prevent predators from exploiting vulnerable Canadians over the internet and encouraging suicide. M388 passed the House unanimously on November 18th, 2009.

For information on viewing, please check the CPAC website;

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