My sister’s name was Sarah Anne, a happy go lucky girl who had everything she wanted. She was 23 when she died by suicide following the death of our father two months prior.

There are so many questions of why someone would do such a thing and why she never called anyone.

I would like to speak further with you about this, and I just wanted to let you know its a great thing you are doing and I hope to be a part of this moving project… Suicide needs to be talked about more !

Jamie Timmons
Halifax Nova Scotia

Jamie Timmons, Halifax Nova Scotia

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  1. Jamie…

    No words can express what you are experincing & the questions you ask every day & no answers are given… You are doing courageous things… Suicide is the number one cause of deaths especially in young and as society makes it a taboo & it is never talked about in the young… it needs to be about awareness & education & prevention from the young on… I have had 4 family members commit suicide & we will never know why… I wish intervention was as big then as it could be now… I know they are all safe in the arms of God but our heart aches & we will never know why, other than they were batteling an illness that we need to find a treatment for…. making awareness & educating everyone is the key… we can not get the lives of your loved one back but we can keep their memories alive by doing this for them… you are so strong beyond your years in doing this with the love for your sister as the backbone… I give you much strength to keep spreading the word may there be someday be hope that this reaches one person, one family to never have to experience this heartache again… I knew your father well & your sister, more in her younger years & I know you have strong family ties… they are smiling down on you while you crusade & educate all …. keep up the great work & know you have alot of support…:-)

  2. WELL DONE JAMIE…..I think it is absolutely wonderful what you,Scott and other are doing to help other people become more aware about suicide…I’m sure that you guys will help many people ….Again ,great job Jamie….

  3. Jamie, this is wonderful and also Scott what you are doing here. I knew Sarah also and I will never figure out WHY????????? It is not for me to know but I know this young lady had to be battling with demons of somwe kind in her life.She was a great girl, compassionate, caring, loving, funny.She could also be sullen, quiet, down in the dumps as most of us. She is gone tooooooooo early from this life but her part in this world was finished.Now she has moved on to her next journey. My heart aches for Kathy ,Jamie, Karen all of her family and friends. Pray that she has found whatever it was she was looking for.PLEASE TALK TO YOUR KIDS AND EVERYONE ABOUT SUICIDE.tHANKS AGAIN FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO HELP PEOPLE BECOME AWARE:)

  4. Yes, we do need to talk about suicide more. It is only a killer if it is not talked about. Suicide does not only affect the young. My mother committed suicide at the age of 63 over 20 years ago. To this day the question is still there. “Why”? Suicide is not something that is easy to live with for the others left behind. We can speculate, we can wrack our brains out, we’ll still not have the answer that we desire. We all thought that our mom was happy. She was good at hiding her feelings. Obviously, we were wrong in our thinking. To the Timmons family, my heart goes out to all of you!

  5. Scott I just want to Thank=You for the beautiful andmuch needed awareness to suicide….I wish there were more people like you …Losing my daughter to suicide I regret never bringing up the subject I never thought it would happen to me…..Then one day when the pain was to much for her to bear she took her own life and took apart of me with life will never be the same …So many times I said why did I not talk about suicide with my children??? People we need to stand up and start talking ..Thank -you scott you are an amazing man

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