Become a partner in the fight against the stigma that surrounds suicide by supporting the Collateral Damage Project. As a not for profit organization, every dollar that we raise is used as efficiently as possible so that we can achieve our vision: BREAK THE STIGMA THAT SURROUNDS SUICIDE.

The Collateral Damage Project will be a book of images and gallery exhibition of those who have lost loved ones and friends to suicide. It is our hope to secure funding to bring the Collateral Damage Project to every province and territory across Canada as well as a few locations in the USA. Your contributions will help in breaking the stigma.

You can support the Collateral Damage Project by going to our “Contribute” page.

Your gift to Left Behind by Suicide and the Collateral Damage Project helps support dialogue on suicide and breaking the stigma that plagues suicide.

Application has been made for charitable status (with Canada Revenue Agency) therefore we are unable at this time to issue charitable donation receipts.

You can also create fundraising projects in your community that support the Collateral Damage Project. Not only will you help us raise funds but you will also create a dialogue on suicide at home. Please contact us for ideas and to discuss how we can support your efforts to break the stigma that surrounds suicide in your community.

Thank you for your support.

Scott Chisholm

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