Do it for Daron: Purple Pledge Day – February 8th

“We are a close family. We spend a lot of time together. We talk about a lot of things; sex, drugs, alcohol, bullying and the internet. But there was one conversation we never had. Mental health. Suicide. We pray and hope that you have that conversation yourself, or with a friend or family member.” Luke Richardson

Inspiring conversations – raising awareness – transforming youth mental health

On November 13th, 2010, Daron Richardson took her own life. She was just 14 years old. Join us in inspiring conversations and showing support not only for Daron Richardson’s family, but for all our young people who suffer in silence from the pain and stigma of mental Illness. Register your school or organization and Wear Purple (Daron’s favourite colour) on February 8th.

We know that ‘not talking about it isn’t working’. I want everyone to join the Richardson Family in wearing purple on February 8th, think about Daron and remember your loved ones and friends that you have lost to suicide. I then need you to make a commitment to continue the dialogue on suicide.

Do It For Daron because Not Talking About It Isn’t Working.

Please leave your comments to let us know how you will continue the dialogue.

4 thoughts on “Do It For Daron: Purple Pledge Day – February 8th

  1. Just watched your story on CTV news. I am the father of a 13 year old daughter. I am being treated for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and my daughter has talked about suicide. Thank you for sharing your story because it has made me revisit this issue in a new and brighter light.

  2. From internet websites it appears that Daron was being treated for general anxiety disorder (GAD) at the time of her suicide. It is is unclear if her treatment included an SSRI antidepressant which is usually the case. Several points to consider:
    1) These medications have not been proven to be effective treatments for children & adolecents.
    2) These SSRis have been shown to cause severe agitation and may increase suicidal thinking and completed suicides.
    3)These SSRI drug induced agitation (akathisia) related suicides tend to be violent
    Simply prescribing these drugs for some kids actually be excaerbating the problem..raqising awarness to have more kids prescibed antidepressants is not the answer.

    • Jamie Hubley committed suicide and he was on those damn SSRI pills too. These things are causing so much carnage in our society, they should be banned and pulled off the shelves. Read the book ‘Talking back to Prozac’ for the goods on SSRI drugs and suicide and violence.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your precious daughter Daron. I admire you for speaking out so soon about the sucide. It took me along time to put things on paper and be able to speak about it. I lost my son Steven November 17, 2005 he was 26 years old, depression lead to suicide. I never thought I would have to bury my child, my heart broke in half that day I found him. But now it’s been 5 years and life has changed forever, I have learned to live a different normal I guess. By doing things like you are doing will help you. I know this as I am involved in different things in my community as well. I want to help erase the stigma attached to suicide as well have the dialogue opened to talk about it with our children.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I will wear something purple tomorrow to remember her

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