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  1. i lost both daughters august 2010 by double suicide i seen ctv news tonight and knew i had to find out everything i could,
    its been the worst 2 half years i have ever, children are not suppose to go before us parents. having a strong faith has gotten me through so far, but the pain never goes away.my family does not want to let me talk about it, these girls were the only girls i had. i have two sons but they just refuse to let me talk to them about. my daughters were 54 and 45 both were very depressed but they couldn’t seem to get the help they needed.thank you so much for your letting me express my feelings
    thank and god bless you

  2. hello Scott
    am chairing our local committee for Lanark County ( outside ottawa ontario) called Our Community Cares Project. I’m so very excited to join this discussion and applaud your efforts to pull this subject into the light and talk openly about it.

  3. Hello Scott, I applaud you on your journey to use your own experience to motivate and encourage other survivors to share their stories, so we can take this tragedy out of the shadows and talk about it without shame or fear of judgement. I lost my son, Darrell Aucoin, to suicide in 2003. My life changed forever on that day. I am a social worker, and certainly in that role, suicide touched my life as a professional; nothing prepared me for dealing with the suicide death of my son. I was a guest speaker in 2004 at a Halifax Conference on Suicide for First Responders and again in Truro a few years ago. Talking publicly about our loss through the suicide of a loved one, will go a long way in healing ourselves and other survivors, as well as providing some insight to the professionals who care for persons whose lives are changed forever because of a loved one’s suicide.

    If you would like to contact me, pleae do so. Again, thank you for taking this on.


  4. What an awesome idea Scott. My former husband was diagnosed with a number of different issues and talked about ending his life routinely. I will never forget the day my friend called my place of employment to speak with my boss. None of my friends knew how to tell me. My boss, being a PhD told me quietly and I remember in a short time feeling as though the bottom of my world had fallen out. I’ve been struggling for years to tell our story. People focus on the mental illness and the acting out behaviour and forget that as family members this was someone we loved and cared about despite our need to separate for safety. Your project will hopefully help us all, collectively, to gradually generate a mourning-affirmative society/communities that encourages the healthy articulation of experiences such as yours, mine and so many others.

    I look forward to meeting you when you come to Kitchener in October 2010.

  5. Scott your father is proud of you and will always be by your side as you take this amazing journey of self discovery of not only yourself but those lives that you will touch along the way!

    Destiny has allowed our paths to cross in this moment of time and as well as you reading this right now. Your life will never be the same from this moment going forward in a good way. Your not alone in this world.

    Participate in Scott’s amazing journey or just follow along either way you’ll benefit from this crossing.

  6. I think this is a great idea and what a way to bring us Survivors together! I lost my Husband Allan on June 25th 2008 to Suicide, everyday is a struggle to deal with the Question Why. Along with myself ,he left behind our Son who was 21 at the time and Daughter who was turning 19, he is missed more than he will ever know, and my heart aches at the thought of all he is missing out on.
    I look forward to meeting you and listening to your upcoming talk in Nova Scotia this month.

  7. You are a true inspiration to people. Working in the Social Work field for 20 years I am not a stranger to suicide but it hit close to home this Feb with one of by best friends taking that road. The emotion truly is overwhelming and sometimes it feels you are in the ocean with waves crashing over you. I appreciate you reaching out and feel it will be helpful for people. May God Bless you as you walk out this truly needed purpose for your life!

  8. I am looking forward to your gathering in Halifax this month…5 years ago my husband took his life by hanging. He ‘left behind’ myself, my daughter now 19 and my son now 16 and the life we had built together.

  9. This is a such a good thing you are doing. I hope it helps the many people who are left behind as the whirl wind of emotions can be overwhelming.

  10. I am the Providence, Rhode Island Coordinator for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I am greatly impressed by your strength, vision and inspiration to help yourself and others heal from the aftermath of suicide.

  11. Thank you for sharing and for embarking on this journey by making this incredible book.

    Tana Nash

    Suicide Survivor – Grandmother and Sister

    Coordinator, Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council

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