It’s been a very busy and powerful month. Thank you to everyone who have come forward to share their story of losing a loved one to suicide and choosing to participate in the Collateral Damage project.

As I listen to you talk and often ask the same questions as so many of us do, I know that we are in the right direction. What strikes me most is when I hear stories like, “the local Health Nurse heard you on the radio and printed out your entire website for me and my family”… “a good friend clipped out the article and gave it to me, after I read it I had to call you”… “I have provided this very personal account because I think it’s illustrative of how very important I take your project to be”. Together we are creating a dialogue on suicide that is continuing among family, friends, co-workers and those who have watched someone close deal with their devastation of loss to suicide.

I am working hard to keep up with all of the email and phone calls so please be patient and know that I will be contacting you soon.

Keep the dialogue going, I know it’s working.

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