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  1. These videos are terrific. But we can have all the videos in the world, and all the mental health awareness in the world, however, if the mental health professionals do not take our suicidal children seriously and get them the help they require IMMEDIATELY, then they will kill themselves like my son did. He screamed for help on December 14, 2010 – went to emergency in Dartmouth, NS, was sent to emergency psych in Halifax (QEII), NS and was sent home after having told the psychiatrist he made an attempt that very afternoon. Told them he had suicidal thoughts at least every month. He was referred by that psychiatrist to a social worker who did not take him seriously. He never saw a psychiatrist after his crisis… He killed himself 6 weeks later.

    So videos are great to take the stigma away from the minds of the public, but mental health professionals MUST do their jobs and take the suicidal people seriously and get them the immediate help they need.

  2. Hi Kyle and Curtis,
    I wish there had been videos like this when I was a teenager. I think it might have given me the courage to stand up then and say that sometime was wrong. Instead I lived with depression for 24 years before I got help. Keep up the great work. I know you will help someone not live the way I have and I a truly grateful for that. Job well done.

  3. SORRY Kyle , I know your name is Kyle not Kayle , ha ha ha my brain is too fast for my fingers. That is because we are frozen over here in far away BC

  4. Hi Curtis and Kayle . I loved you video!!!!
    As a person who has struggled with mental illness and a mother who has had a son struggle with mental illness, I want to thank you for this great video. I was an adolescent when I first started to have my symptoms and it sure would have been nice to have information back then. My son was in grade 9 when he also started to struggle with mental illness and he felt all alone with it. We need to get young people talking and get the word out that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of and that if you do have it , you are not alone. The stigma keeps people hidden and struggling on their own in silence and your video does a great job breaking through that . It shows real kids talking about real stuff!!! Awesome job!!!

    Adele Welch, BSW
    Social Worker
    Prince George BC

  5. Hi Curtis and Kyle

    As a mental health professional who works with youth struggling with mental health issues I want to thank you so much for creating these great video’s. Stigma in mental health is a big issues and your video will help. I have already showed it to a number of kids I work with and sent it off to other mental health professionals in the hospital here where I work!

    Good job you guys!! Keep up the good work and let me know as soon as you put together your next one. I want to see it for sure!!

    Dan McGann, MSW, RSW
    Social Worker
    Child & Family Services
    The Credit Valley Hospital
    Mississauga, Ontario

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