The Collateral Damage Project is in the process of becoming incorporated as a registered not-for-profit and we are hoping to have charitable status within a few months.

When I started out with the idea of photographing those who have lost loved ones to suicide I could not have anticipated how powerful the response would be. From the first invitation to participate on June 16, 2009, the requests to participate keep coming in at an incredible rate. By inviting people to join in the dialogue on suicide, we have created a tide that I believe is unstoppable.

After spending a week in Nova Scotia, I realized that this is the way that the Collateral Damage Project must move forward. We did media releases inviting Nova Scotians to participate in the project and with the help of various media outlets we were able to get the message out. The message was two fold; invite people to participate in the project and  “Not talking about it isn’t working”. The response was immediate, reaching and effective. This is now the example of how I want to approach all provinces and territories in Canada as well as areas throughout the United States.

It has become clear that Collateral Damage is much more than a “project”. Our initial mandate was to create a dialogue on suicide through images of those left behind. I don’t think we could have anticipated how powerful that statement was. Although the Communities Addressing Suicide Together conference was my first keynote address, I continue to get bookings and inquiries to speak to many groups including; Faculty of Nursing at Lakehead University, Confederation College Paramedics, London and District Distress Centre, Teachers, Lawyers, Dentists and Childrens Aid. If you are interested in having me speak to your group, organization or conference please feel free to contact me.

By becoming incorporated as a not-for-profit we will not only be able to apply for government funding but we will also be able to ensure absolute transparency to any individuals who are wishing to personally support the work of the Collateral Damage Project.

Donations to the Collateral damage Project can be made by going to the CONTRIBUTE page or by contacting me directly at Also, if your group, foundation or organization would like to learn about ways to fund raise for the Collateral Damage Project please feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you to Michael Strickland and Buset & Partners LLP who have done all the work in incorporating the Collateral damage Project as a not-for-profit.

Thank you for your support and remember, Not talking about it isn’t working…Join us as we begin the dialogue.

One thought on “Collateral Damage is becoming incorporated as a not-for-profit

  1. Great job Scott.

    We are all so very proud of you and you don’t realize how many of us you have brought together (in a situation we would rather not have met in)!

    Thanks so much


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