I’ve got an idea and I believe it would have a dramatic affect on bullying in schools.

Back in October of 2011 I did a presentation to the Laurentian University School of Education students¬†and I opened with the words of Ricks Mercer “because what we are doing is not good enough.” Here we are, eight months after the suicide of Jamie Hubley and I ask, “what are we doing differently to combat bullying in schools?”

In Ontario (Canada) schools, we have these signs with yellow dots that encourage reporting of acts of vandalism with a $200 reward.

What if we took the same concept and offered kids $200 for reporting bullying? I have two sons who are 13 and 15 years old and I know for a fact that $200 for reporting a bully would certainly get their attention.

By the way, this sign was Photoshopped not vandalized.

I look forward to your comments and I encourage you to share this blog post because “what we are doing is not good enough.”


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