Oshki-Anishnawbeg Student Association (OASA) Suicide Prevention

Oshki-Anishnawbeg Student Association (OASA) Suicide Prevention

On behalf of Oshki-Anishnawbeg Student Association (OASA) at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, I would like to personally thank you for joining us for a proactive dialogue on suicide.

A big thank you goes out to Summer Wawia, OASA Treasurer, for her leadership in organizing today’s event.

We talked about breaking stigma, creating proactive dialogue, awareness and the importance of fundraising for suicide prevention.

Your feedback and comments are important to me. Please tell me what you thought of the presentation. What are you going to do to make your community suicide safer?

3 thoughts on “Collateral Damage at Confederation College

  1. Hi Scott. I came from the states to see you at Confederation. I brought my 10 going on 16 year old daughter with me. My mother was really concerned about me bringing her while I thought it was a good idea. She lost two brothers and almost a son more then once. When I got home I told her how great it is for her to hear you know. We have never ever had ANY dialogue about suicide. I told her were losing fathers and brothers and no one is talking about it. We have to start. She smiled just big and nodded her head! Thank you!

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