Our goal is to create a pro-active dialogue on suicide, mental health and all the issues that lead up to suicide. I don’t believe there is a more powerful way than to have legendary Canadian recording artist and internationally recognized humanitarian Bruce Cockburn join our team.

Bruce Cockburn working on a video for the Collateral Damage Project

Bruce Cockburn working on a video for the Collateral Damage Project

“Bruce Cockburn has always been a restless spirit. Over the course of four decades, the celebrated Canadian artist has traveled to the corners of the earth out of humanitarian concerns—often to trouble spots experiencing events that have led to some of his most memorable songs. Going up against chaos, even if it involves grave risks, can be necessary to get closer to the truth.” http://brucecockburn.com/about/ Here are some behind the scenes images during taping for a video for the Collateral Damage Project.

Bruce Cockburn taping for the Collateral Damage Project.

Josh, Sarah and Michelle working with Bruce on the set.

Michelle Derosier of Thunderstone Pictures works with Bruce on the set.

Michelle Derosier of Thunderstone Pictures works with Bruce on the set.


Our production crew; Josh, Michelle, Bruce, Shelley and Sarah.

Josh, Michelle, Bruce, Shelley and Sarah

Bruce, ready for the next take.

Canadian icon, recording artist and humanitarian, Bruce Cockburn.

A big thank you goes out to Vince Mirabelli for sponsoring the production of this video and to Bob Halvorsen and the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium for use of their incredible facility. Without your support this would not have been possible.

I am honoured to have Michelle Derosier of Thunderstone Pictures lend her energy, passion and award winning storytelling to the production and editing of this work.

I also want to thank Shelley Jacobson of Killer Copy 4U for pouring her heart and soul in to creating the script.

I am humbled to have Bruce come forward to support suicide prevention through the Collateral Damage Project. Stay tuned for the official announcement and release of the video with Bruce Cockburn in support of the Collateral Damage Project.

Not Talking About It Isn’t Working.

Scott Chisholm, Founder
Collateral Damage Project

3 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes with Bruce Cockburn

  1. I am glad Bruce Cockburn is involved with this important dialogue ‘collateral damage’ because suicide is a growing concern and danger in our society. There are too many people from various situations of abuse, bereavement, stress, loss of job, divorce, old age neglect, and a multitude of issues that result in suicide which is so tragic in our society globally. Bruce’s songs have personally helped me when I was in depression from job loss and church abuse. I am very fortunate that my attitude toward my own self – image and toward others has progressed thanks to Bruce Cockburn. His album Humans changed my life. I had the privilege to meet Bruce at the Sanderson Centre in Brantford, Ontario on February 15/14. Bruce graciously autographed my Humans CD which I am so grateful. Bruce’s music and his humanitarian actions and kindness toward people and his stand toward injustice and crimes against humanity make me feel like Bruce is my personal friend. Thank you for sharing this important need and I am confident that your team along side with Bruce Cockburn can make a big difference that can change lives and stem the tide of mental illness to transform the lives of suffering people and give them a quality of life.and wholeness.

  2. This project is of immense interest and is a timely one as well. Please contact me as to how I may get a copy of the film. I greatly appreciate all your efforts and labor on such a worthwhile project. I lost my dad by way of suicide and this is a mental illness that truly needs to be addressed. Many Thanks again to Scott & Bruce and to all of you. AMEN!
    P.S. I remember hearing Bruce once comment on his song, All The Diamonds, how a person once contacted him about it and said that this song was instrumental in preventing him from committing suicide. Bruce was very touched by this fact and felt honored as well I believe.

    • Thank you for your kind words Thomas, I will pass your message on to Bruce.

      The video, which will be more of a public service announcement will be released in the next few weeks.

      All the best,
      Scott Chisholm

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