The following is an email that I sent to the Montreal Gazette after reading the appalling article written by Pat Hickey at the Montreal Gazette describing Theo Fleury as an “enabler” of pedophile Graham James.

Dear Mr. Brassard,

The article “Theo Fleury hypocritical for blasting justice system’s handling of Graham James case”, by Pat Hickey is disgusting support for pedophiles that takes the side of a convicted rapist and attempts to pit abused victims against each other for the purpose of selling newspapers.

Anything less than Pat Hickey being fired represents your support for Pat Hickey’s message and the Montreal Gazette’s priority of selling newspapers over the rights and respect for victims of pedophiles.

To describe any victim of a pedophile as an enabler is just wrong.

Scott Chisholm, CEO and Founder of the Collateral Damage Project



4 thoughts on “Appalling description of Theo Fleury as an “enabler” of convicted pedophile

  1. He is not blaming the victim, he is asking why the victim continued business dealings with someone who he unfortunately knew first hand to be a pedophile and played a very active role in having him continue to coach young men

    • Careful Hickey – have you walked in these shoes…………how dare you!!
      You will be harshly judged for your words someday when it really matters, by some one who really matters. RETIRE

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