Today is National Survivors of Suicide Day….a day of healing for survivors of suicide loss around the world.

Whether you have lost a loved one or friend to suicide or you follow the Collateral Damage Project for your own reasons, I ask you to take a few extra moments today to not only remember but also ask yourself, “what can I do?”. What can I do to get rid of the stigma that surrounds suicide?

  • Talk about it. Whether with friends or perhaps you have a colleague that has lost a loved one to suicide and you want to find a way to talk with them but you are afraid to say the wrong thing. Tell them Scott sent you and remember, you can not make it worse.
  • Invite friends to the Collateral Damage website or to join our facebook group. Even if you haven’t lost a loved one to suicide, you can make it known that we need to start talking about suicide…as difficult as it is.
  • Go to the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP) website and learn why we need our federal government to adopt a national strategy on suicide prevention. While you are there, download the postcard and send it to your MP.
  • Donate money TODAY to suicide awareness and prevention in your community. Whether it’s $5 or $5000, your donation of any amount is a strong voice that Not Talking About It Isn’t Working. I invite you to support the Collateral Damage Project. Other organizations include; CASP, Canadian Mental Health Association, Kids Help Phone, Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council
  • Not Talking About It Isn’t Working… Join us in the long overdue dialogue on suicide.

We need your action today so that not only will survivors have more hope in healing but also that perhaps suicide prevention can become a reality.

Not Talking About It Isn’t Working.

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