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    Today at Laurentian University in Sudbury Ontario, 60 students from the School of Education and 90 teachers from the Sudbury area including Manitoulin Island are taking SafeTALK workshops.
    This is a significant day for suicide awareness and prevention. I invite you to join in on our discussion.


    Hi my name is Lisa and I am one of the 60 Education students at Laurentian University receiving SafeTALK training. We are about to open a big group discussion post training. Can’t wait to see what questions arise! I’ll keep you all posted 🙂


    CBC is here for the Big Group discussion- check out the website for updates.
    Opening for Big Discussion: Special thanks to Scott Chisholm, Gayle Scarpino, Jan Buley (for bringing the SafeTALK Training to Laurentian University), all of our wonderful trainers (Jim, Janice, Heather, Greg and Linda) and Ben Skillings.

    First Question: Do you have any suggestions for Catholic School teachers in regards to addressing suicide because it is still considered taboo?
    -Bringing taboo subjects forward because no matter who you are, suicide is everywhere
    -It effects every single one of us
    -It’s about having a welcoming environment and from there talking more and more about it will gradually break that taboo

    What are your thoughts?


    What is the next step to take, after helping someone- are there follow up steps?
    -We are responsible for each other
    -The most influential teachers are the ones who care about you
    -make sure you take the time you need to talk about it and the situation you have helped
    -Don’t promote secrecy, you need to consult and share so that you can move on and take care of yourself

    We are asking EVERYONE to step up
    -We can all learn from each other
    -It’s strength and talents of adults to help children deal with suicide


    SafeTALK addresses people who are 15 years and older. So what about the younger children?
    -We need to allow them to talk and express their feelings
    -You can feel it, a child doesn’t have an ability to hide the feelings (not as well at least)

    What about the Ethnic issues in regards to suicide?

    what do yo do if you do offend someone when asking them if they are thinking about suicide?
    -Most often people will not react that way
    -Asking can just be part of your language, it’s a way of showing you care
    -Always be mindful of your own safety. Is there a way you can do it to feel more safe? (i.e., in a different room, around people, etc…)

    As teachers, how do we deal with parents who may be upset when discussing suicide prevention in the class?
    -tell them that suicide is everywhere
    -noticing something in the child and that you need to discuss with the parents
    -realizing it’s suicide PREVENTION (that is the dialogue)
    -We do it because we care about their kids- their education but more importantly their life
    -Educating the parents about suicide prevention as well

    Thoughts? Questions? Comments?


    A memorial locker set up at the school where the student had died
    -Students were able to put notes on the locker
    -Great way to show that it’s okay to express how you feel

    Community is an important and essential part about suicide
    -Having those resources for students and adults to reach so that way they can talk about their concerns, issues, problems, etc…
    -Having resources in a community to help prevent and deal with suicide
    -Being a model is an amazing thing, especially as a teacher, kids will model what YOU do

    Media- How harassment and bullying can lead to suicide
    – Anti-bullying programs in school (setting them up, keep them going). It needs to be an ONGOING thing and that is how we can prevent it
    -Promote KIDS HELP PHONE
    -What do you think?

    For teachers: what if you have tried your best to help a student or child prevent suicide and he or she still does it?
    -Make sure not to blame yourself
    -Get counselling for yourself
    -school-wide counselling
    -As teachers, social workers, students, anybody- it is important to grieve
    -Dialoge it out- talk about it and healing will follow
    -EAP (Employment Assistent Program) can come in a have grop talks

    Ways to help children and people deal with and heal from suicide:
    -Encouraging and nurturing feelings, but allow that individual to feel included


    Hey All,

    This is Lisa again- Education student from Laurentian University. We just successfully completed the SafeTALK Suicide Prevention Training and it was an AWESOME success!!! Please feel free to try and get this going at your schools or place of work. It is well worth it because Suicide effects EVERYONE.


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