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SafeTALK addresses people who are 15 years and older. So what about the younger children?
-We need to allow them to talk and express their feelings
-You can feel it, a child doesn’t have an ability to hide the feelings (not as well at least)

What about the Ethnic issues in regards to suicide?

what do yo do if you do offend someone when asking them if they are thinking about suicide?
-Most often people will not react that way
-Asking can just be part of your language, it’s a way of showing you care
-Always be mindful of your own safety. Is there a way you can do it to feel more safe? (i.e., in a different room, around people, etc…)

As teachers, how do we deal with parents who may be upset when discussing suicide prevention in the class?
-tell them that suicide is everywhere
-noticing something in the child and that you need to discuss with the parents
-realizing it’s suicide PREVENTION (that is the dialogue)
-We do it because we care about their kids- their education but more importantly their life
-Educating the parents about suicide prevention as well

Thoughts? Questions? Comments?