It’s been almost two years (June 16, 2009) since we launched the Collateral Damage Project. The launch was our formal invitation to those who have lost loved ones and friends to suicide to come forward, share your story and be photographed. I can say with complete honesty that I could never have anticipated the response to this invitation.

What started as a regional and provincial project has grown to national and international. People from across Canada and around the world have come forward to be a part of the project. With the growth in response comes the need for greater funding.

We are a registered not-for-profit and we have applied for ‘charitable’ status so we will be able to issue charitable donation receipts in the near future. With the redesigning of the Collateral Damage Project website, (set for launch on June 16, 2011) amongst other things, we will be providing tools and templates with ideas on how you can help support the project but doing fundraisers in your community. I truly believe that community is where suicide prevention begins…how do we make our communities suicide safer? That is the question that needs to be answered. Fundraising is key to creating dialogue and ultimately getting rid of the stigma that plagues suicide. Through fundraisers for suicide prevention and awareness, we are able to create a dialogue that is more comfortable and inviting. Fundraising will also ultimately help us bring the Collateral Damage Project to every Province and Territory across Canada. Whether it’s a bake sale, concert, running/walking event or soliciting corporate sponsorships, your support and creating awareness will shape the success of the Collateral Damage Project.

If you have ideas for creating events in your community to support the Collateral Damage Project, please send me an email and I will certainly help you make it successful.

Thank you for your support and thank you for helping raise funds for the Collateral Damage Project.

Continue the dialogue, talk to your friends about suicide prevention today.

Scott Chisholm

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