There was once a time that you could not use the word “cancer”, in fear of getting the dreadful disease, now we use it to sell toilet paper. We were once afraid to talk to our children about sex in fear that there would be pregnant teenagers everywhere. We thought that by talking to our kids about drugs would turn them into pot heads. We learned to make pacts with our teenagers to call us, no questions asked, when they were drinking and needed a ride home.

So, now its time, time to talk about suicide…with your kids, your friends and co-workers. Because not talking about it isn’t working.

2 thoughts on “Its time to talk about it.

  1. No weight scale can even come close to measure the pain. Heavier than cement on your head. My son took his life. He took half of me. The other half plays along with the years in devotion to others. Because love and commitment. Damage goods that I am.

    My Dad took his life a year later…

    It feels as if the switch that keeps you alive is being turned on and off at will.

    Wishing it was one or the other.

    Talking about it feels like screaming to the deaf. There is no adaptor or vehicle to understand it. An encrypted note to other’s heart

  2. Well, suicide is certainly being discussed today with the untimely death of fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Surprisingly, most media outlets are very forthright in stating that he took his own life due to depression. Change is happening. Keep up the good work Scott.

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