I believe that by creating a proactive dialogue on suicide and mental health that suicide can and will be prevented.

I believe that when we lessen the stigma that surrounds suicide and mental health that we/you can and will prevent suicide

I believe that after you take SafeTALK, ASIST, Mental Health First Aid or any other gate keeper training that you will have the tools needed to talk about suicide and most importantly to help those who are thinking about suicide.

I believe that by providing easy and efficient access to factual and evidence based information on suicide and mental health that people will be able to help themselves and those around them not only when in crisis but also on the road to living mentally well.

I believe that a series of portraits of those who have lost loved ones and friends to suicide, that will be a part of a photo book and gallery exhibits will; create dialogue, end stigma, create resources and prevent suicide.

2 thoughts on “I Believe that Suicide Can and Will be Prevented.

  1. Scott I totally agree with this,it was interesting when I was in Red Lake on the weekend they were talking about the ASSIST program and I mentioned to them about the self talk training they seemed interested. You should contact Kathy about that, they were going to go into the schools and post the memorial wall that we set up for the Out of the Darkness walk in Red Lake and start the education with the youth there at the highschool. Kathy is on the school council so she would be a great contact for this to happen in our smaller communities. Margaret

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