Firstly, thank you to everyone who have become part of the Collateral Damage Project. It is you who make all of this what it is. Now we need your feedback, suggestions and comments to improve the Collateral Damage Project Website.

When I give presentations or talk with individuals I often use the term ‘we’. People stop me and ask, “who is we?”. ‘We’ is everybody who have responded to the invitation to come forward to share their story. ‘We’ are the professionals from across Canada, the USA and around the world who have become my advisers. ‘We’ are the organizations who I have linked with and have in turn begun a network of resources and tools that continues to grow everyday. ‘We’ are the grass roots individuals who passionately say ‘we need to do something about suicide, what can I do?’. ‘We’ is everybody who has said, ‘I don’t know what you need done, but put me on your list, I’ll do it’. ‘We’ are friends, family and neighbours from 30 years ago who have called, written, sent a texts and emailed to say that they too did not know what to say to me or how to talk about me losing my father to suicide. ‘We’…is you, for reading this and now knowing that talking about suicide will not cause it. ‘We’ is all of us who know that suicide prevention is a public health issue that communities need to address.

We now need your help. Over the next few months, our website and graphics team; Krista and Daniel Hansen at ElevenSeventeen, will be working on a makeover of the website. Please tell us; what you like about the site now, what would you like added to the site, how often do you visit the website?, have you or would you invite others to visit the Collateral Damage Project website? All of your suggestions and comments are welcome.

Please feel free to leave your comments below or email me directly

Some of the changes we will be including are; ‘How to get involved’; volunteering, fundraising, advocacy…an improved section for resources… testimonials and endorsements…news; what’s the latest news with Collateral Damage Project. Also we will be creating a newsletter that you will be able to sign up for.

For giving us your feedback we will have random draws for the new Collateral Damage Project t-shirts. The new t-shirts will become available when the new website launches….unless of course you win one with your suggestions or comments.

Thank you for joining the Collateral Damage Project and creating suicide safer communities.

Scott Chisholm

One thought on “You are the ‘We’ in the Collateral Damage Project

  1. Scott, I am thinking that we should probably think of a way to “partner” our annual walk with the Collateral Damage Project and the Jack Project. There is the aspect of dialogue being of great importance and the aspect of education being of great importance. I want to talk with Laurel to see how we can make the walk this year be more educational, interactive, and really send out that message of “awareness”. We should really talk about getting some ideas together, think of how to fundraise, advertise and bring this really out in to the forefront.
    I will look at the site later to really critique it, give my input suggestions or support.
    Thank you for doing what you do best….TALK…because not talking is not working!!!

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