Friday May 1, 2009: I remember getting a call from Cathy Alex of CBC Radio a few weeks ago to ask if we were ready to go for June 16th with the Collateral Damage project. I was immediately taken out of my comfort zone as I was putting the launch off for September. As it turns out, the Ontario Today program became victim to CBC budget cuts and will no longer exist at the end of June. After a call to Krista and Daniel at Eleven-Seventeen I was assured that the website would be ready for the launch date which was set for June 16.
At this point everything became quite hurried. We needed to package a look and feel for the entire project that stemmed from an idea inside of me. Through the talents of Eleven-Seventeen I soon had concepts to approve. After I changed my mind a few times the look and feel for the website was set. Now it was on to content. As June 16th drew near I was often asked if I was stressed about being on Ontario Today… I wasn’t at all. I was, though, stressed about the content for the website and ensuring that enough content would be ready for June 16th. I was looking forward to the show and hearing the stories from other suicide survivors.
During this time Kellie Hudson of KMH Media was also brought in to help me not only get ready for the Ontario Today show but also prepare all of the media material for launching this project. At this time I want to focus (no pun intended) my attention on capturing images for the book so it has been wonderful to have a team that is committed to the project working so hard and late to make it happen. It is amazing how many emails were shared at 2:00am in order to bring this project to light on time.

Until next time…continue the dialogue.

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