We took a well deserved family trip to Punta Cana a few weeks ago and I made a point of leaving my phone and laptop tucked away except for one rainy afternoon. In the short time that my phone was on I received a text that read “it was a tough day for me today and I came dangerously close to packing it in… but there’s no damn way I’m going to let my kids be in your book… thank you”. This text was the first of a few that concluded with a hospital admission for three weeks with severe depression.

The barriers that confine mental health can only be removed by communities as a whole. I challenge you to make it your commitment to open the dialogue on suicide awareness and mental health. Through open dialogue we will remove stigma and begin to make suicide safer communities.

Not only does dialogue stop the stigma, it also saves lives. Please continue the dialogue on suicide. It’s working.


One thought on “A text that shows that the dialogue works.

  1. I have shared this with all my friends and will pass it on to my counsellors. This is a wonderful story. The more we talk, the more we hope and pray that others will reach out for help.
    We are not alone.
    If only my grandson had known how much he was loved and notalone.

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